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April 1, 2021

4 Tips To Keep Your AC Running Smoothly This Summer

The summer months bring later sunsets, bluer skies, and of course, the heat. You quickly begin to rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and refreshed, but we've all dealt with air conditioner troubles. Louie's Home Center has some tips to keep your AC running smoothly this summer:

Keep The Air Filter Clean

The purpose of an air filter is to keep fresh, clean air circulating throughout your AC. Air filters trap in dust, dirt, bacteria, and pollen that is trying to make its way into your home. It's important to replace your air filters on a regular basis to keep everyone in your home healthy.

How often you change your air filters depends on the type of filter that is required for your home. Depending on how many people you have living in your home, if you have pets, etc. will dictate when you need to replace your air filters.

  • Live in an apartment with no pets: 6-12 months
  • Live in a home with no pets: 3 months
  • Own one pet: 2 months
  • Own multiple pets and are susceptible to allergies: 20-40 days.4 tips to keep your ac running smoothly this summer

Check On The Outside Unit

One of the most effective ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to check and clean the outdoor unit. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other various objects can collect in your outdoor filter and need to be removed. Outdoor air units take in refrigerants, these refrigerants flow throughout the unit and turn hot air into cold air. It is recommended that you clean your outdoor air unit every year.

Watch Out For Foul Odors

We've all been in a situation where you turn on your air conditioner and a terrible odor emits and spreads throughout your home. There are various smells that dictate what is wrong with your air unit.


If you begin to smell an egg-like odor coming from your air conditioner, it is likely that there is a deceased animal in your air ducts. The solution to this problem is to either remove or have someone else remove the animal from the air ducts.

Dirty Laundry

If you turn on your AC and it smells like a group of teenagers who have been at soccer practice all day, it means that you have mildew growing on your evaporator coil. To get rid of this smell, you will need to give your evaporator coil and ducts a thorough cleaning. This, however, can be a temporary solution. Some air units are prone to developing mildew.

Perform Regular Maintenance

While you can go in and tackle some of the maintenance projects yourself, every year you should have a professional come and deep clean your air conditioning unit.

Louie's Home Center

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit or would simply like more information on how to maintain your current air conditioning unit head over to Louie's Home Center today!