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April 1, 2021

Are you Keeping your Family Safe?

If you can’t remember the last time you tested or replaced your carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, then you’re likely putting your home, and most importantly your family at risk.

Both your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors follow a similar testing schedule. These safety devices should be tested monthly, and if they are not hardwired, should have their batteries replaced twice a year. Even some of the hardwired devices will have backup batteries that allow for them to continue keeping your family safe even in the event of a power outage.

It is likely that some devices require less frequent checking, as per the directions in their manual, but it is always best to aim on the side of caution and check more often then not.

Testing your Smoke Detector first alert smoke and fire alarm

1. Have a family member stand in a distant location from the device in your home, this will help you ensure the volume of the smoke detector is loud enough.

2. Press and hold the test button hopefully producing a loud, piercing noise. If it sounds faint or non-existent, then try replacing the batteries and try pressing the test button again.

3. Clear any dust or cobwebs that may be on the smoke detector, these can muffle the sound, and reduce the alarm’s effectiveness.

4. Try testing it with real smoke by lighting a match and blowing it out directly below the safety device. If it doesn’t go off, consider replacing the batteries.

Testing your Carbon Monoxide Detector


1. Hold down on the testing button

2. Wait for the beeping noise

3. Release the button

4. Replace the batteries if you hear no beeping

Time to Replace

First Alert Carbon Monoxide alarmNo matter how strict you are in keeping a maintenance schedule for these safety devices, your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are not everlasting. If any of these tests are conducted and batteries do not fix the issue, it is likely time to replace the safety device.

It is also important to replace these items according to the standards within their manual, with a general rule of replacing:

  • Smoke detectors every 10 years
  • Carbon monoxide detectors every 5-7 years

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are important safety devices for your home. They can detect the undetected and can let you know of danger before it’s too late.

If you think your safety devices are past their prime and its time to replace them, then stop by Louie’s ACE Home Center today! We are more than happy to help you find the right replacements that will guarantee your family is safe.

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