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April 1, 2021

Gardening Products: Making This Spring Beautiful

Gardening toolsSpring is around the corner and that means warm weather and a lot of sunlight. This is the time when flowers and plants are coming into full bloom. If you are an avid gardener or a beginner, it’s not too late to plant a beautiful garden you can enjoy. All you need are your gardening products, a good area to plant, and some TLC. Make this spring and summer beautiful with an array of different plants!

Basic Gardening Products

One of the most important parts of gardening is your gardening products. If you have the right materials you will be able to go far in your hobby. Some of the basic tools and products you might need are a spade, rake, garden knife, and shovel. These are just the basic essentials but you might consider other gardening products to make life easier.

  • Mini pruners: helps cut smaller things in your garden without carrying around too much weight.
  • Padded Kneeler: There are a few options regarding these products. One such turns from a kneeler into a little bench you can sit at. There are also smaller options that are a type of memory foam mat.
  • 3 Way Meter: This invention tells you exactly everything you need to know about your plants. Get feedback on PH levels, light intensity, and soil moisture. This lets you quickly fix anything that might be bad for your garden.
  • Drip Kit: If you are forgetful or don’t feel like going out every day to water your plants, having a drip kit is for you.
  • Chemical Free Weeder: Sometimes it is easier not to get down and dirty, which is where this invention comes in handy. With a Chemical free weeder, all you have to do is spike the ground where the weed is and pull it out.

Tips for starting a Garden

Now you know what type of gardening products you might need, here are a few tips to get you on your way. First, find the perfect location to set up your garden. Decide if you want a regular yard garden or if you want a raised bed garden. This is important because there are different soils for each type. Secondly, make sure the site you decide on gets plenty of sun and water. Just like us, plants need these things to survive and grow beautifully. Lastly, make sure you understand what plants will work for the climate you are living in. Better to not waste your time and energy for a plant that won’t grow where you live.

Get Started

There are many places to get the gardening products and tools you will need. Amazon has a good amount of fun and unique products which will enhance your garden. Also, check out Louie's ACE Hardware store for more gardening products! We offer ACE hardware rentals for your lawn care needs such as batchers, aerators, high-weed mowers, and weed whackers.

Give us a call today with any of your questions about gardening and more.