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Beat the Heat This Summer with Louie’s ACE Hardware

If you’re familiar with the weather of the Northern Nevada area during the summer months, then you know just how hot it can get here. Temperatures often reach the low 100’s as the summer progresses and the dry heat is exhausting. This year, we’ve experienced unusually high temperatures ranging from the low to mid 100’s. Unfortunately, it’s likely to only get hotter in the area which is not only uncomfortable but hazardous if you aren’t taking the right precautions to stay cool. 

See how you can beat the heat this summer with Louie’s ACE Hardware. From fans and air conditioning units to water slide rentals, we have all the tools you need to keep cool this summer. 

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How to Cool Off Your Home This Summer


Before we get into all the products available to help keep you cool, let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to your home right now to reduce your indoor temperature. 

#1 Check Your Doors and Windows 

Doors and windows are the most common part of your home to let in hot air and allow cool air to escape. The seals on doors and windows can wear quickly which is not good for maintaining proper insulation during the summer or winter. Be sure to inspect the seals around the edge of all your exterior doors and windows for cracks, breaks, or missing parts. If you do notice any damage, have the seal replaced to ensure your home stays cool.

#2 Ceiling Fans and Portable Fans 

Ceiling fans aren’t necessarily a staple in Northern Nevada homes for some reason, but if you are lucky enough to have them, use them. A continually rotating ceiling fan can help you feel significantly cooler in the summer as it pushes cool air down on you, allowing you to feel a light breeze of air on your skin. A portable fan provides a similar outcome, but they are less effective at pulling cool air down to you. However, any sort of air you can get to circulate through your home will be needed to keep cool.

#3  Keep Unused Rooms Closed

A room unused is a room wasting your cooling efforts. If you’re like many others with a spare bedroom or office that is visited sparingly, consider closing the door to the room along with its cooling vent. This will help the other rooms of the house stay cool as most of the cool air will be forced into these spaces. 

#4 Shut Off Unnecessary Lights

While it may seem like a small adjustment to make, this simple tip can make a large difference in your electricity bill. Turning off all unnecessary lights in your home can help keep your energy costs down as well as your home’s temperature. The heat that radiates from incandescent light bulbs can add to the heat you feel in your home, so be sure to keep these to a minimum, especially during the day.

#5 Cover Your Windows During the Day

By placing just a light window covering over your windows such as a window sheer, you can significantly reduce the temperature of your home. Hot outdoor temperatures are best controlled inside by blocking the heat and direct sunlight. By blocking out a majority of the hot sunlight from your home, your other cooling efforts will be much more effective. 

Stay Cool With These Products from Louie’s ACE Hardware  


While fans don’t necessarily provide cool air, they do help keep the air in your home circulating so that it doesn’t get too warm. Consistent airflow is extremely important in keeping your home cool because it helps balance the warm air with the cool air in your home. This prevents hot or cold spots from developing in your house and ensures each area of the home has a consistent temperature. Portable fans come in a variety of styles and heights so that you can put them anywhere in your home. Just remember to set up your portable fan in a position that will promote proper airflow. 

Water Slide Rentals 

One way that you can beat the heat and keep yourself and the kids entertained is with a water slide. Not only are water slides fun, but they’re a great way to quickly cool off in times of extreme temperatures. If your home is simply too hot, or you need to get outside but don’t want to overheat, this is a great option. Interested in trying out a water slide? Contact our rental department today for pricing and availability!  

Visit Louie’s ACE Hardware 

If you’re like many other homeowners in Fallon, NV trying to keep your home cool this summer, come on down to Louie’s ACE Hardware. We have all the tools you need to beat the heat from portable fans to affordable A/C solutions. We even offer water slide rentals to provide the whole family with some fun and cool entertainment. Browse our product offerings or simply make use of our ACE hardware rentals today!


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