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July 18, 2023

Routine RV Maintenance Tips

Performing routine RV maintenance can extend its life and save you thousands of dollars. However, if your RV is neglected, vital parts can stop working and can cost a great deal to fix. Making the investment of time and money in an RV throughout its life is worth it! Don’t miss a vacation because your RV was not given the proper TLC. Check out Louie’s Ace Home Center for answers and parts to help you get started!

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Here are the tasks that should be completed on a monthly and annual basis:

Monthly Routine RV Maintenance Tips

  • Run your generator for 2 hours each month to flush old gasoline and gunk out of the generator.
  • Check water levels. (use distilled water only)
  • Check hoses and clamps to make sure they are secure and show no signs of leaking.
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monthly.
  • Every 6-8 weeks run a ½ cup of bleach through the fresh water tank and let it sit for the day (this ensures that the next time you go on a trip, you’ll have clean, fresh water).
  • Transmission, tires, and the engine require regular maintenance.

What Do I Need To Do Each Year?

  • Service A/C & furnace.
    • Heating and cooling systems need to be repaired every year.
  • Replace filters and vents.
  • Brakes need to be serviced annually to assess wear and tear.
  • Vacuum the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and wipe them down with a lightly dampened cloth and dry off.
    • NEVER use cleaning solutions on your detectors, it will ruin them.
  • Check for rust, paint chipping, dings & dents regularly.
  • Service/check your propane tanks annually (or every 5000 miles).
  • Reseal your RV every year.

Other Helpful Routine RV Maintenance Tips

  • Lubricate cabinets and other landings, as necessary, so they don’t stick.
  • Keep record of when you need to complete repairs and maintenance checks.
  • Always perform preventative maintenance on your RV before taking it on a trip. This includes: cleaning, inspecting, and servicing.
    • This will save you money and time.

How Louie’s Ace Home Center Can Help

Here at Louie’s, we offer a wide variety of RV accessories and parts to help you keep your RV maintained. If you need a part, stop by and talk to one our knowledgeable representatives. We also offer ACE hardware rentals for other needs. Give us a call to answer any questions you may have!

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