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Food and fire; it’s a culinary duo as old as humankind itself. Perhaps that’s why we have such a deep-rooted, almost primitive kinship with our grilling equipment. There’s no question; roasting meat, veggies, and other delicacies over an open flame is a sure-fire way to please taste buds and fill bellies around the table.

The source of that flame? That’s a more modern discussion. Luckily, today’s gas and charcoal grills are designed to make anyone a BBQ hero. Before heading to your local Ace Hardware, consider the differences between gas and charcoal grills, and which suits your style best!

It’s entirely up to user preference and what you’re familiar with when picking out a gas grill over a charcoal one. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, which we’ll explore here:

Gas Grill

Purchase Price, Setup, & Operating Costs

Gas grills are generally going to be more expensive up front than charcoal grills. It makes sense, because they’re a bit more complex in how they operate. Usually, you’ll have an array of burners, a gas line, and an electric igniter. Charcoal grills are more simplistic. They’re essentially a vessel that holds charcoal briquettes, a grate, and a lid. This simplicity affects the purchase price.

Taking the complexity of the grill assembly into account, charcoal grills are generally more straightforward to set up (30 min), as opposed to a gas grill (1+ hours). Gas grills may also require a few more tools to mount the burner assembly and gas line.

Operationally, both briquettes and gas are going to cost money to replenish over time. If you’re not tapping into your home’s propane or natural gas line, you’ll first need a propane tank. A 20lb tank will range anywhere from $50-$100 EMPTY, based on the brand. Look for an Ace Hardware gas can to save! From there, it’ll be around $20 per propane refill each time it runs out. With briquettes, you’re looking in the range of $10 for an 8lb Bag, which you’ll get a couple grilling sessions out of. Overall, it’s a matter of your budget and preference is to keep the flame lit.

Ignition Time

The time it takes to ignite and allow the grill to get up to temperature may be a deciding factor in your search for gas or charcoal. Especially if you plan to grill on weeknights when life is hectic, it can be nice to have the instantaneous ignition that comes with a gas grill. Simply push the igniter, flick on a burner, and viola – you’re lit. With charcoal, the lighting takes a little more planning. Once you ignite the briquettes (whether using lighter fluid or a chimney tool), expect to wait about 30 minutes for them to get red hot and ready for action.

Charcoal Briquettes


It’s all up to you and your guests’ taste buds. If you are looking for a smokier taste, then charcoal grills are the way to go! There are even briquettes on the market that enhance the flavor of your food. Any gas grill will produce equally mouth-watering dishes. And no – you won’t taste the propane or natural gas in your food.

Cleanup & Maintenance

After the food has hit the table, it’s important to clean and maintain your grill routinely. With charcoal grills, you’ll need to empty the ashes every 1-3 sessions, and scrape the grate with a wire brush after each use. Gas grills just need a scrape and brush after each session, but you’ll periodically need to check the gas line and burners to make sure they’re secure.

Grill Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, more than 19,700 grilling-related incidents occur per year in the United States. Structure fires, contact burns, and flare-ups are a real risk, but are drastically mitigated by taking the proper precautions. No matter the type of grill, make sure it has secure footing and is distanced from your home or overhanging obstructions.

If using a charcoal grill, avoid adding more lighter fluid after it has already been lit. Buying charcoal that has already been soaked in starter fuel can reduce the risk of injuries with charcoal grills. With gas grills, be mindful of leaving the gas on too long before pressing the ignition button to avoid flare ups. Make sure there are no leaks coming from the gas container or hoses before you start the grill.
For more on grill safety, ask the experts at Louie’s Ace for assistance.

Gas vs Charcoal Comparison Chart

So, Gas or Charcoal?

Charcoal grills are a classic, and there’s no substitute for the smell of briquettes and billowing smoke to tell your guests that it’s BBQ time. Not to mention, there’s something about operating a natural flame to flex some muscle and show everyone you’re the grill boss! On the other hand, there’s no comparing the convenience that comes with one-button ignition on a gas grill. You’ll be able to fling burgers all evening without missing a beat.

If it still seems like a tough call, contact Louie’s Ace Hardware Store or come in and ask one of our friendly staff members for advice. Additionally, browse this month’s ads to save on other items while you’re there! We are your friendly Dayton & Fallon hardware store, and are here to serve your grilling needs!

A bag of Gardenline fertilizer on a deck.

If you’re a newbie to lawn fertilizer, then the numbers listed on the bag may seem like a foreign language when heading down an aisle of gardening supplies.These three numbers are known as fertilizer ratios, and by understanding what each number means, you can improve the appearance and longevity of your lawn.

Fertilizer is great for helping strengthen roots and promote new growth year round. Taking care of your lawn is important because the grasses commonly used can purify air and improve overall air quality, in addition to the fact that a nicely manicured lawn is aesthetically pleasing. Grasses are great at absorbing rainfall, preventing erosion, and purifies water for aquifers in the area.

N-P-K and Lawn Care

Each of the three numbers listed on the front of the bag of fertilizer represents nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Together they are known as NPK ratios, and are indicated using their element symbols that you may remember from chemistry class. All three are essential elements in gardening products for growing a beautiful lawn.

 Each one serves a different purpose in ensuring your grass grows green.

Which Ratio To Choose

NPK ratios apply to all types of fertilizer, but there are certain specifications to follow for lawns and all of the different conditions the lawn may be in.

A man mowing the lawn


Louie’s ACE Products for Lawn Care and Their Benefits

Our gardening experts suggest fertilizer should be put on your lawn two through four times a year.  Resistance from pests, protection for the soil, and preventing pesky weeds are just some of the perks when taking care of your lawn with fertilizer from ACE HardwareThe fertilization process is cost-effective, simple, and environmentally friendly. Because of how low-maintenance lawn care can be, you can spend more time doing plenty of other fun outdoor activities this summer!  

Here’s some of our ACE Hardware team’s top fertilizer recommendations:

Scotts Turf Builder Crabgrass Preventer Lawn Fertilizer For Multiple Grass Types


This fertilizer is one of our best selling options because it stops crabgrass at its roots and is safe for use on Bermuda grass. It’s a great fertilizer to use in post-winter lawn care routines, and is a trusted formula no matter what climate you live in.

Milorganite Slow Release Nitrogen Lawn Fertilizer for all Grasses:


Milorganite is produced from the nation’s oldest and largest recycling efforts. It’s fortified with iron for a longer lasting green. The slow-release formula can be used on trees, shrubs, or flowers as well.

Pennington Ultragreen All-Purpose Lawn Fertilizer: 


A quick greening, long lasting lawn is possible with Pennington and its premium blended fertilizer. With fast acting nitrogen for quick greening in addition to slow release nitrogen at 10.5% for extended feeding up to three months, the blend of fertilizer includes a boost of 5% iron.

Find the Best Gardening Products at Louie’s ACE Home Center

At ACE Hardware, you can be assured that our hardware and garden supplies are top notch and in stock. With plenty of fertilizer choices for every budget, lawn, and gardening style, you can’t go wrong with keeping your lawn healthy and happy.

Be sure to visit Louie’s ACE Home Center for all your lawn care questions and gardening supplies!

Spring is approaching fast, and we are just as excited as you to begin the camping season. Consider visiting one of Nevada’s most popular destinations, Sand Mountain, sure to excite your whole family. Our team at Louie’s Hardware wants to help you prepare for your next trip by telling you everything there is to know about this popular recreation site. 

Sand Mountain, Nevada

Sand Mountain is the largest sand dune in the state of Nevada and welcomes over 50,000 visitors each year. While on your way to the site, there are a ton of historical markers to visit, making the loneliest highway a little more intriguing. So whether you're a resident of Nevada or just looking for your next adventure, add Sand Mountain recreation area to your itinerary during your next RV camping trip.


RV Camping

Sand Mountain Is An Off-Roading Paradise 

People come from all over the United States to ride ATVs, motorcycles, sand rails, dune buggies, and more during their visit to Sand Mountain. Sand sailing is also an adventurous activity for visitors to try while enjoying their next RV camping trip.

Other Popular Activities To Enjoy at Sand Mountain

Daredevils take delight in the competitive hill but remember there are other activities for you to enjoy when visiting Sand Mountain. Hiking is a great way to appreciate the landscape and transport yourself to a world unknown. Furthermore, don’t be discouraged if you're not interested in off-roading. Take your RV or trailer out to the site and enjoy camping in an area that isolates you from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  


RV supply

Facts About The Campsite

Most people enjoy camping at the base of the dune when camping at Sand Mountain recreation area. It is important to know that Sand Mountain doesn’t offer water, so be sure to stock up before you get there. The summer’s average temperature normally does not pass 80 degrees, but the surface temperature can soar, reaching temperatures over 100 degrees. For this reason, be sure to bring lots of water and food so you don’t have to end your trip early. Plus there are only a limited amount of toilets so bringing an RV or trailer when camping adds convenience when visiting this site. 

Trailer and RV Supplies

A lot can happen out in the dunes, both good and bad. If you’re traveling through the Fallon and Dayton area near Sand Mountain and happen to break down, let our team at Louie’s ACE Home Center help. We are less than 50 miles away from the recreation site so we are ready to supply your needs anytime during your visit.

Louie's ACE Home Center is closest to Sand Mountain and has the largest selection of trailer and RV supplies. We carry repair lights, replacement septic, freshwater lines, faucets, toilets, and other common repair products for RVs. From putty tape to patch up pesky holes, or roof repair kits to keep solar panels clean and productive, our store can make any project seem small. 

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Here To Help With Your Next Camping Trip

Our team is full of hardworking, knowledgeable people who enjoy helping our customers find the right supplies, learn new things, and finish projects. We take pride in being Fallon and Dayton’s neighborhood hometown supplier for equipment and tools, services, or hardware rentals. Contact us now to learn more about how the team at Louie’s ACE Home Center can enhance your RV camping experience.

The summer months bring later sunsets, bluer skies, and of course, the heat. You quickly begin to rely on your air conditioner to keep you cool and refreshed, but we've all dealt with air conditioner troubles. Louie's Home Center has some tips to keep your AC running smoothly this summer:

Keep The Air Filter Clean

The purpose of an air filter is to keep fresh, clean air circulating throughout your AC. Air filters trap in dust, dirt, bacteria, and pollen that is trying to make its way into your home. It's important to replace your air filters on a regular basis to keep everyone in your home healthy.

How often you change your air filters depends on the type of filter that is required for your home. Depending on how many people you have living in your home, if you have pets, etc. will dictate when you need to replace your air filters.

Check On The Outside Unit

One of the most effective ways to keep your air conditioner running smoothly is to check and clean the outdoor unit. Over time, leaves, dirt, and other various objects can collect in your outdoor filter and need to be removed. Outdoor air units take in refrigerants, these refrigerants flow throughout the unit and turn hot air into cold air. It is recommended that you clean your outdoor air unit every year.

Watch Out For Foul Odors

We've all been in a situation where you turn on your air conditioner and a terrible odor emits and spreads throughout your home. There are various smells that dictate what is wrong with your air unit.


If you begin to smell an egg-like odor coming from your air conditioner, it is likely that there is a deceased animal in your air ducts. The solution to this problem is to either remove or have someone else remove the animal from the air ducts.

Dirty Laundry

If you turn on your AC and it smells like a group of teenagers who have been at soccer practice all day, it means that you have mildew growing on your evaporator coil. To get rid of this smell, you will need to give your evaporator coil and ducts a thorough cleaning. This, however, can be a temporary solution. Some air units are prone to developing mildew.

Perform Regular Maintenance

While you can go in and tackle some of the maintenance projects yourself, every year you should have a professional come and deep clean your air conditioning unit.

Louie's Home Center

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit or would simply like more information on how to maintain your current air conditioning unit head over to Louie's Home Center today!

What’s Cooler than Being Cool?

For those on the fence, we put together a list of the best reasons to buy a swamp cooler this summer.

Monthly Operating Costs

Let’s be honest, sometimes one of the best reasons to get a swamp cooler in Fallon is to save money. According to ConsumerEnergyCenter.org, swamp coolers use up to 75 percent less energy than air conditioning, saving on average about $150 a year. Use those savings for the next vacation with family and friends.

Choose Where Cool Happens

An air conditioner will generally take longer to cool the house and it may take a while to meet your level of comfort and satisfaction. Mobile swamp coolers eliminate that problem by targeting your area of recreation, cooling the air in a few minutes.
This benefit is for those choosing a mobile swamp cooling system.

Swamp cooler in Fallon.


Big Swamp Coolers are Much Cheaper than a New Air Condition System

For those considering a big swamp cooler to replace an air conditioning unit, you’ll find the savings to be worth it. According to the National Association of Home Builders, a big swamp cooler costs between $700 and $1,000, whereas central air conditioning units tend to cost several thousand dollars.

Better for a Dry Climate

Simply put, swamp coolers use moisture to produce fresh, clean air. Nevada has always been a dry climate, but adding a little moisture to your room can benefit your skin’s complexion.

If you’re ready to join the swamp cooler revolution, come in to Louie’s ACE Home Center today and ask us how we can keep you cool this summer.

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If you’re a newbie to lawn fertilizer, then the numbers listed on the bag may seem like a foreign language. These Good fertilizer. three numbers are known as fertilizer ratios, and by understanding what each number means, you can improve the appearance and longevity of your lawn.


Each of the three numbers listed on the front of the bag of fertilizer represents nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These are essential elements in growing a beautiful lawn. Together they are known as NPK ratios, and are indicated using their element symbols that you may remember from chemistry class. Each one serves a different purpose in ensuring your grass grows green.

Which Ratio To Choose

NPK ratios apply to all types of fertilizer, but there are certain specifications to follow for lawns and all of the different conditions the lawn may be in.

Be sure to visit Louie’s ACE Home Center for all your lawn fertilizer questions and needs!

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